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JLBN – Online HTML entities converter

Posted by BN July - 18 - 2009 4 Comments

Most posters often find themself very frustrated when their posted codes on some forums and blogs are missing some lines just because their codes contain HTML entities, and if you are one of these posters, you come to the right place for help to eliminate that unexpected errors With our HTMLizer, it will help to convert your scripts into frienldy browser codes that are readable by most, if not all,  [ Read More ]

While most other sites use server scripts and some sites might store your custom password, this site use client script which means Nothing is transmitted to any server and your custom password always safe with you because you are the only one knows it None (use plaintext passwords) : The Apache httpd daemon will only accept plain text passwords on Windows, Netware and TPF. Crypt : DES-based algorithm. Accepted by  [ Read More ]

In this guide for WAMP, we will show you how to install and setup password for WAMPSERVER. There are too many ways to setup password, but here¬†we only show the easiest but security way for WAMP Note: Before attempting any change, even the first time password setup, you should perform a full backup; check the Setup Backup guide for WAMP on this website. Note: Even this guide is used for  [ Read More ]

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