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In this guide for WAMP, we will show you how to install and setup outside access for WAMPSERVER. This guide is good when you combine with Setup Virtual Hosts guide which is posted on the Guides Menu.

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49 Responses so far.

  1. Steve says:

    Thank you very much for a well written explanation. Was up in minutes. Only problem I had was I initially tried port 81, in both the firewall and router, and it produced a file not found message. Then changed it to 80 and all worked.

  2. Jinn says:

    I still have problems. I can connect to my website perfectly, but when others try it doesn’t work. I am using a no-ip host redirect for the address, and WAMP to host the server.

  3. Hornet_Bzz says:

    Maybe it would be the right place to explain how to open also the port 443 for further or future HTTPS transactions, at the mean time than port 80. Then it’s all done in one shot.

  4. Robin says:

    Excellent guide! Solved my problem. Thanks…

  5. Ric says:

    Wamp is new to me, and I would like for it to open the folder in Your Projects on screen instead of needing to open it by clicking on the folder icon. When you go http://shopcraft.no-ip.info, the wampserver page opens and THEN you must click on the folder “1″ to see the photo gallery. Is there a way to have the photo gallery open without this extra step? Any help would be appreciated.

  6. leon says:

    My wordpress site doesn’t show correctly??

  7. vinay says:

    Dear Jinn,

    well i had done everything and registered a domain name at the above mentioned address. They actually track your ip using a php script and update it every time. On my system even if i type the domain name i can see the web pages, but others cannot access it. some says it shows a blank page and some says it shows the router login page
    i am using Beetel 110BX model router…

    could you please help me

    • BN says:

      vinay, on your Beetel 110BX, it should has menu to add Virtual Server and try w/ settings as follows:
      Service name () : HTTP
      Protocol [0-tcp&udp,1-tcp,2-udp,3-icmp] (1) : 1
      External start port () : 80
      External end port () : 80
      Internal start port () : 80
      Internal end port () : 80
      Internal server IP address () : (Replace w/ IP of your wamp PC)

  8. vinay says:

    thanks Jinn,
    working fine for me.

  9. Kirk Fraser says:

    Thanks much! I fixed the firewall on both computers on my LAN, which with Vista and XP use different tabs to authorize HTTP, plus changed port forwarding and my DNS IP too but now it works.

  10. Eddie says:

    I have followed everything in this guide. the problem is I cannot access my site when I type my IP address in the browser. The only thing works for me is the local host, LAN and WAN.

    As thought here in page3 when I click “Check my WAN IP” it directs me to http://whereismyip.com/ does that mean that my WAN should be my IP address? Mine is different.
    My IP starts: 125.60.xxx.xxx
    My WAN starts: 192.168.242.xxx

    I got that WAN address in my router status I’m currently using linksys.

    Any advice where did I go wrong or how do I associate my IP to my WAN. I have already configured all the instructions in this Tuts regarding HTTP, port 80 and the forwarding set-up in the router.

    Help is very much appreciated. Sorry for being so noobies, but I really want to learn. Tnx

    • JL says:

      My IP starts: 125.60.xxx.xxx
      My WAN starts: 192.168.242.xxx

      125.60.xxx.xxx is your WAN IP
      192.168.242.xxx is your LAN IP

      Eddie, I think you messed up between WAN IP and LAN IP and got that problem; you need to setup port forward in your router to your LAN IP that’s on PC you’ve installed WAMP; then in the browser, type in your WAN IP to access your web pages if already setup or WAMP info page by default

      btw, no offense but personally we don’t like Linksys routers when comes to setup server; thus, we’ve been using Netgear. Dlink or Belkin is OK but not Linksys ;)

  11. Eddie says:

    Nope that exactly my ip and my wan. Here is my actual ip 125.60.xxx.xxx when I use http://whereismyip.com you may try it at http://www.myiptest.com to trace it. And here what I get on my WAN as declared in my router status
    Status: UP (DHCP)

    I am using wireless broadband provider in our country. The way I connect to internet is PC–>router–>wireless internet provider–>internet

    I really think the router have the problem as you may say. Guess need to buy a new one. Thanks for the quick response. Oh by the way I got a spare Edimax router is this difficult to set up either? I’ll just try it before deciding to buy a new one. ^_^

  12. Rinki says:

    Only after I went through your guide, I could install wamp in my pc.
    I am absolute beginner in PHP / MYSQL.
    I have started developing a site, made index.php then register.php and mysql database. Both are working from WAMP but when I submit data through registration page, I get– Forbidden
    You don’t have permission to access /xxx.com/< on this server.
    but when I run one of my previous sites, its run smoothly from WAMP. Could you kindly guide me?



    • BN says:

      Rinki, try to check your script for Database connection since it seems trying to connect to Database on xxx.com

  13. SnS says:

    I have Switch D-Link DWL-G700AP and how can i access into the Switch to set up the HTTP ports to have oothers people access into my website? I try it the Ip’s,… but it keep says “The connection has timed out”. Pls help. Thx.

    • BN says:

      SnS, DWL-G700AP is not a router so it’s can NOT reroute the internet transactions which are used for web server such as Apache or IIS, FTP server such as Apache FTPserver or FileZilla server, files server/sharing such as Samba, Torrent, or Emule; thus, you have to get a router and follow this guide Setup Access

  14. rick d says:

    Hi, I have setup wampserver on my windows xp pc. Localhost seems to be running okay…how do I redirect the name servers from my former hosting company to wamserver so the rest of the planet can type in my domain address and go to my website now?

  15. ZenProfit says:

    For 4 years I have run Apache 1.3.33 (Win32) and PHP/5.0.3 on a dedicated server that has not changed any installed software in that period except for AVG, which has been fine for 2 years, and a few Windows Server 2003 Updates. My website and my blog (WordPress 2.9.1) run under MySQL databases.

    Last week the index page of the website threw an error: “access to localhost xxxx denied”. When I tried to look at the MySQL database I could log into the Admin Page, but there was this error on the bottom of the page:

    “The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results.”

    When I looked at services.msc wampapache status is “Starting”, while wampmyslqd is “Started”. I cannot stop the wampapache service, no matter what I do.

    I have checked all of the usual suspects: there is NO IIS, I disabled AVG, I checked all of the httpd and php and my(wamp).ini config settings (which could not have changed since I have not ever changed them in 4 years) and they are all correct.

    What I DID try to do was upgrade WordPress 2.9.1 to 2.9.2 and also add the All-in-1 SEO addin.

    • JL says:

      ZenProfit, you might want to troubleshoot 1 by 1 to find the real cause so first, you can enable mbstring through wamp tray icon; if still have problem, try to uninstall All-in-1 SEO, and if still encounter same error, downgrade your wordpress and hope you always make backup before making any change as we suggested in this guide:


  16. ZenProfit says:

    I am on WAMP 1.4.3.

    I have edited php.ini and UNcommented (deleted the ; ) for extensions=php_mbstring.dll. Nothing changes.

    However, I see in the [mbstring] section that nothing is UNcommented. But nothing in that section has ever been UNcommented before.

    WAMPAPACHE will not start. The status remains “Starting”.

    How are addins like SEO uninstalled? How can I roll-back to 2.9.1?

    • BN says:

      ZenProfit, you should enable mbstring through wamp tray icon instead edit php.ini file. SEO should have option for uninstalling and if you always perform backup as we suggested, you can go back by using your backup copy

  17. greenhub says:


    I am completely new to this attempt in running a website using my own server. I have followed each instruction, but I always get stuck in the “setting up virtual host guide”. Also, I finished setting up access, and can access all of these:

    http://localhost (to access your websites in folder www)
    http://localhost/main (to access your websites in folder main)
    http://localhost/sub1 (to access your websites in folder sub1)
    http://localhost/sub2 (to access your websites in folder sub2)

    All of a sudden now— I am getting this message


    You don’t have permission to access /localhost/ on this server.
    Same message goes through with the rest.

    Please help. Thank you.

    • BN says:

      greenhub, check to make sure your LAN IP for Wamp PC is correct in your router’s port forward setting since it might change after some reboot; also, make sure exception for wamp in all firewalls/antivirus is still good since some firewalls/antivirus suddenly block wamp after it auto updated :(

  18. MJ says:

    I am trying to setup a test server using WampServer and its installed fine on Win 7 64. My site is on a Magento plateform and all DB are inported via PHPMYADMIN but the problem is with my local host. When I click on the folder in my wamp/www/**** localhost redirects to my orginal website, this so wired. I setup virtual host in my apache httpd.conf file and win host file but it keeps redirecting me to my site. If someone can help please do so.


    • BN says:

      MJ, the script you’re using is stored the URL/domain in the database so you have to find and edit it to localhost

  19. priyanka says:


    I can access my website from the pc and iphone which is in the same wireless network as the pc with script.
    but outside my house, using different internet connection , i cannot.please kindly help.


  20. adrian says:

    May i ask how am i going to port forward with a broadband connection?
    I still can’t let my friend enter my website.

    • BN says:

      @ priyanka and adrian
      You guys need to have a router which support NAT loop back such as Netgear and follow this guide

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