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JLBN – Online HTML entities converter

Posted by BN July - 18 - 2009 4 Comments

Most posters often find themself very frustrated when their posted codes on some forums and blogs are missing some lines just because their codes contain HTML entities, and if you are one of these posters, you come to the right place for help to eliminate that unexpected errors ;)

With our HTMLizer, it will help to convert your scripts into frienldy browser codes that are readable by most, if not all, forums and blogs. In additions, you can use this online tool to convert your codes in order to present your scripts on your webpages as well ;)

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JLBN – Setup PHP-Fusion on WAMP

Posted by JL June - 20 - 2009 4 Comments

PHP-Fusion, a light-weight open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP, utilises a mySQL database to store your site content and includes a simple, comprehensive adminstration system. PHP-Fusion includes the most common features you would expect to see in many other CMS packages.

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While most other sites use server scripts and some sites might store your custom password, this site use client script which means Nothing is transmitted to any server and your custom password always safe with you because you are the only one knows it ;)

  • None (use plaintext passwords) : The Apache httpd daemon will only accept plain text passwords on Windows, Netware and TPF.
  • Crypt : DES-based algorithm. Accepted by all Unix HTTP servers, but not supported by the Apache httpd server on Windows, Netware and TPF. Note that only the first 8 characters of the password are used to form the password with this algorithm. If the supplied password is longer, the extra characters will be silently discarded.
  • MD5 : The MD5 algorithm used by htpasswd is specific to the Apache software; passwords encrypted using it will not be usable with other Web servers.
  • SHA-1 : Use SHA-1 encryption for passwords. Facilitates migration from/to Netscape servers using the LDAP Directory Interchange Format (ldif).

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From pilot to production, Zend helps you increase the maturity of your PHP application life cycle through a combination of vastly popular open source projects, enterprise-grade products and comprehensive service and support. The Zend Optimizer is a free runtime application that enables PHP to run the files encoded by the Zend Guard or Ioncube. IonCube is the tools to protect software written using the PHP programming language from being viewed, changed, and run on unlicensed computers. The tools use the technique of compiling to bytecode prior to encoding so that source code is eliminated, and runtime overheads are reduced. A free PHP extension called the IonCube Loader handles the reading and execution of encoded files at runtime.

In this instruction guide for WAMP, we will show you how to install and setup Zend Optimizer and Ioncube Loader for WAMPSERVER in Windows 7. Fortunately, the procedure to install these two is about the same in Windows Server 2008, Vista and XP, so you can use this guide to setup Zend Optimizer and Ioncube Loader in any listed Operating Systems.

Note: To make it simple for users, we have this tutor guide based on our custom Zend Optimizer and IonCube Loader; thus, this guide might not work for you if you get Zend Optimizer in Zend website and IonCube Loader in Ioncube website; therefore, head to our Download page to get Zend Optimizer and IonCube Loader there ;-)

Note: Even this guide is used for Wampserver, you can apply this method on other wamp package such as Xampp, EasyPHP, so on. Just make sure to select correct file(s) in proper location(s) ;)

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Posted by BN November - 2 - 2008 309 Comments

Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer or HTTPS is a URI scheme used to indicate a secure HTTP connection. It is syntactically identical to the http:// scheme normally used for accessing resources using HTTP. Using an https: URL indicates that HTTP is to be used, but with a different default TCP port (443) and an additional encryption/authentication layer between the HTTP and TCP. This system was designed by Netscape Communications Corporation to provide authentication and encrypted communication and is widely used on the World Wide Web for security-sensitive communication such as payment transactions and corporate information systems.

In this tutor guide for WAMP, we will show you how to create a self-signed HTTPS SSL certificate; then, how to implement this self-signed certificate into WAMP; then, obtain a FREE Trusted HTTPS SSL Certificate to replace the self-signed one.

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