How I Built A $1 Million High-Yield Retirement Portfolio With 6 Dividend Blue Chips

  • Isaac Newton was a genius who lost millions in the South Sea bubble, and my uncle is a genius who just lost $1 million in the crypto crash.
  • But costly investment mistakes don’t have to sink your rich retirement goals if you learn from your mistakes and trust the world’s best dividend blue chips.
  • I recently helped guide my uncle in constructing his optimal sleep well at night high-yield, low-volatility dividend growth retirement portfolio.
  • QQQM, SCHD, EDV, ENB, BTI, and MO are what make up his ZEUS Income Growth portfolio, which yields a very safe 4.3%, and has 10.1% long-term return potential.
  • In the Great Recession, this portfolio fell 16%, half as much as a 60/40. In the Pandemic, it fell 6%, half as much as a 60/40. In this bear market, it’s down 14% vs 17% for a 60/40. All while offering 3X the yield, and 2X the safe withdrawal rate.

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