WALK THE LINE I’m a lottery scratch off pro – ‘white line’ strategy has never failed to find me a winner

A LOTTERY winner has shared the tried and true strategy she uses every time she buys a ticket.

The TikToker behind the account CreativebChefDamTruth fired back at another creator from the app who claimed her method didn’t work.

At the beginning of the video, another user explains the common belief among scratch card players that if there’s a white line on the edge of the ticket it’s a winner.

He says this isn’t true because he’s gotten tickets with white lines that weren’t winners.

CreativebChefDamTruth then comes on the screen to explain what he was doing wrong.

She explains that players need to buy the ticket before and after the white line as well.

She said that’s usually where the winner is, not necessarily on the card with the white line.

It’s important to note this is just her own experience, and there’s been nothing official put out by the lottery to confirm or deny her claim.

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No matter what lotto game they play, everyone has a strategy for winning.

Lisa Jekel shared the strategy she used to win a $150,000 Powerball prize.

Lisa said she often played Powerball, and that she always adds the Power Play option to her ticket.

“I checked the winning numbers for that drawing on the lottery app and couldn’t believe it when I realized I’d won $150,000,” Lisa said.

“I just stood there in shock and felt completely numb.”

An Ohio resident was on a business trip in Michigan when he won a top prize.

The winner, who wished to remain anonymous, said he always stops at the same store to buy his tickets when he’s in Michigan.

This time he picked up a Triple Million instant scratch ticket.

“I scratched the ticket when I got in my car and went numb when I saw I won $1 million. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!” he said.

Rather than taking annual payments, the 32-year-old decided to get his winnings in a lump sum of about $693,000.

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