SORTED I make up to $9,100 a month by working three hours a day – I used to work three jobs and struggled to pay bills

LOOKING to make your side hustle into a full time gig? One Mexican woman did just that and now makes up to $9,100 a month while working as little as three hours a day. 

Vanessa Garcia, 29, earns her the majority of her living by picking up jobs with TaskRabbit – an online marketplace that matches consumers with freelance laborers who complete everyday tasks for a price. 

In a recent interview with CNBC Make It, Garcia revealed she joined the platform out in 2017 as she struggled to pay her bills.

The part-time actress and personal assistant was looking to make some extra cash when she began taking jobs on TaskRabbit that involved building furniture and organizing closets. 

In order to increase the number of jobs she booked, Garcia began prioritizing more time on TaskRabbit – a move that soon proved successful.

It wasn’t long until Garcia was able to increase her booking prices, which now reach as high as $1,200 per job. 

Ultimately, Garcia began earning enough money to quit her personal assistant job and move to Los Angeles, California in 2019 to further her acting career. 

Last year, the 29-year-old earned roughly $65,000 from TaskRabbit jobs, CNBC reported. Her acting career provides an additional $10,000 to $20,000 each year. 

While each month’s earnings can vary, Garcia touted the flexibility of her schedule and how she can control exactly what she wants to make. 

“Instead of having to work six hours [per day], now I only have to work three to meet my personal income quote,” she told the outlet. 

After leaving her assistant job in 2019, Garcia quickly began making a liveable wage from the small jobs she was booking on the website. 

That year, she earned nearly $45,000 from TaskRabbit, according to CNBC. 

Previously, in 2018, she earned only $19,000. 

Currently, Garcia offers 26 different skill sets for potential clients such as planning parties, building furniture and organization. 

In July 2022, Garcia hit her best month yet for earnings, making $9,165.

The driven 29-year-old first moved to California from Mexico when she was 19 to attend San Diego Mesa Community College. Around the same time, she attended a few classes at San Diego State University but ultimately dropped out in 2015. 

Before working as a personal assistant, Garcia ran a small homeschooling business, according to CNBC. 

As money grew tighter and bills became harder to pay, she started to do small tasks for friends, such as grocery shopping and closet organizing. 

It wasn’t long until she officially joined TaskRabbit to make the side hustle into a career.

She told CNBC that through this work, she is able to help give her clients a “clean template” if they are struggling with a mess.

“I’ve walked into clients’ homes where I could tell they’re in a bad place from the way their space looks,” Garcia said. 

“They see it as stress — but when I see a messy room, all I see are possibilities. [Organizing] is like creating a clean template.”

After averaging approximately 100 hours a month, Garcia has earned up to $65,000 through October of this year, according to the outlet. 

Each job varies, Garcia revealed, detailing that small jobs like building furniture can take three to four hours and net $200. 

However, larger projects bring in more. 

In September, the 29-year-old earned $1,200 from a 21-hour job that involved organizing an entire home.

Right now, Garcia plans on sticking with TaskRabbit as her main source of income and doesn’t see herself leaving the platform until her acting career ends up making her more than the small jobs.

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