BY THE BOOK My Amazon side hustle can make you $1,000 a week – it’s minimal effort and perfect if you’re lazy or strapped for cash

A FINANCE guru is teaching people how to make $1,000 a week with minimal effort on Amazon.

TikToker Pat Harris, also known as ecomtrick, gained 1.6million views on his instructions for how to earn money by becoming an Amazon seller.

Harris said in the recent video: “If you’re lazy like me, here’s a side hustle you can do from home.”

In his TikTok, he showed the process of buying products from Alibaba and shipping it to the Amazon warehouse.

First, Harris goes to the website to find the top products being sold.

A Ziplock bag organizer was at the top of the list with monthly revenue of $83,468.59.

Harris then goes on Alibaba to find the manufacturer.

A Ziplock bag organizer costs $3.99 but Harris said it can be sold on Amazon for as much as $26.

The manufacturer will ship directly to the Amazon warehouse so finding a space for your products is not a problem.

For each shipment that goes out, the seller will receive a confirmation email, Harris said.

Harris ended his TikTok by revealing the total sales made in one day.

The side hustle reportedly brought in $1,428.91.

Harris uses his TikTok to encourage people to become entrepreneurs and start side hustles.

Harris has over 135k followers on TikTok.

He has posted many videos showing creative side hustle ideas.

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