KICKED TO THE CURB I make $37,000 for just 5 hours of work a week selling Facebook ‘trash’ from the sidewalk – it’s set to grow even more

A 27-YEAR-old has made $37,000 thanks to a side hustle selling furniture that only requires her to work just five hours a week.

Sarah Scott said her side hustle involves finding furniture and home products thrown out as trash on sidewalks and selling them on Facebook Marketplace.

She told Business Insider that she was driving around her Memphis neighborhood in 2020 when she noticed there was a lot of furniture and other household items left on her neighbors’ curbs.

After deciding to pick up some of the furniture, including a coffee table and a bookcase, Sarah sold them all on Marketplace within 48 hours.

“I realized, after doing it the second night just within my own town, that this was going to be very lucrative,” she said. 

Sarah, who makes $90,000 a year as a digital marketing advisor for FedEx, said she has made $37,000 with her side business so far this year.

At first, she made about $500 per month but improved her earnings once she learned the best routes for bestseller items.

She eventually realized that people are more likely to leave things on the curve during the spring and fall, and less likely to during the summer and winter.

Every week, she reportedly spends three hours driving through “trash routes” and finding items, and two hours staging, picturing, and posting them online.

After she finds the items, Sarah uses Google Image search to find the retail price online.

Used items in good condition sell in three to five days.

She said she usually sells the items for about 70 to 80 percent of the retail price.

If they don’t sell in two weeks, she donates them.

Sarah said she’s on track to make $40,000 from her side hustle this year and sells on average 30 items every month.

Last August, she and her husband were able to buy their first rental property “directly due” to her side hustle, she told Insider.

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