BIG MONEY You can get paid $100 an hour by sitting at home in your pajama pants — all you need is a computer

AS Americans increasingly turn to side hustles to help them combat the widespread rising costs of goods, a TikToker has shown there’s a way to get paid $100 an hour while staying at home in your pajamas.

Investment_Updates, a TikToker otherwise known as Jay, regularly discusses side hustles, NFT and crypto for beginners on his account.

The content creator decided to share a new side hustle available to almost anyone, and it allows you to get paid $100 per hour for work you can complete while sitting at home in your pajamas, Jay said.

“To make sure nothing goes wrong, I’ll be giving you a step by step tutorial,” Jay said to his 266,000 followers.

So how can you do it?

Jay said the first step is solely to find a website that will pay you money.

For Jay, the perfect site is

WeWorkRemotely touts itself as the largest remote work community in the world, with a total of 4.5million visitors.

The site lists everything from software engineer and product manager roles to customer support, sales and marketing jobs.

Google and Amazon are listed on the website as actively recruiting for different positions.

In Jay’s case, he said to scroll through the job postings and choose one that you’re both qualified for and also pays well.

A posting for a freelance writer fits the bill perfectly.

Freelance writers are paid to craft articles and blog posts on a variety of topics, per the job posting.

This can span topics like fitness, fashion, sports to even finance, parenting or restaurants.

The rate of pay is listed as $20 per 100 words.

This comes out to around $100 per article, which you could complete in around an hour.

WeWorkRemotely routinely has offerings like this, and there are no requirements besides that you have a word processor like Microsoft Word alongside a strong Internet connection.

Plus, of course, you must have a high quality of communication and team skills.

Jay recommended others apply for positions like this.

“Don’t be too worried about getting rejected. There’s about a hundred more of the same exact offers on this website,” the TikToker said.

Tips for freelance writing

One of the most important tips for finding success as a freelance writer is to fully know what you’re writing about.

You do this by developing a niche or a specific subsection of types of writing projects you take on.

You can build loyal clients this way who will always look to you when they have a certain type of project with someone who knows the space well.Advertisement

It’s also vital to remember that you need to communicate well with the clients for projects you take on.

Getting your work done in a timely manner and keeping your clients aware of any issues that come up is essential; otherwise, you can become known as an unreliable worker.

It also helps to have a strong online presence where other companies can find your work and evaluate if it matches the needs of any active projects they have going on.

Also, come into any role with a long list of strong pitches.

This will immediately impress your client, and they’ll be more likely to hire you again and again.

Once you’ve successfully established yourself as a freelance writer, you can start negotiating for higher salaries.

Other side hustles possible

Freelance writing gigs are far from the only side hustle possible for millions of Americans.

Influencers increasingly spotlight ways to make money from home.

One content creator revealed you can get paid $30 every five minutes with a gig that you can have Google primarily do all the work for.

Some side hustles are more creative (and unorthodox) than others.

For instance, one New Yorker has been able to earn $100 an hour by just biking around New York City and snapping pictures of those in violation of parking rules in order to make a pro

Also in New York, there’s a way to make some quick money ($90 every few minutes) by reporting idling trucks.

Plus, a TikToker revealed how you can make $20,000 a month with minimal work involved.

The Sun also spotlighted a student who left her neurosurgery studies to become an OnlyFans model and now earns more than her doctor parents.

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