Is it possible to get Snap and SSI at the same time?

If you need some extra support as you get SSI, you may wonder if you could also get the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

SNAP and Supplemental Security Income are programs that help American citizens in need. Social Security is the one in charge of it. They aim to support people with low earnings aged 65 or older. If you are eligible for this payment, you can get it monthly. Apart from people who do not have enough economic resources, it could be available for people with disability or for people who are blind.

It is also possible to get it if you are blind.  As long as you meet all the requirements that Social Security asks for, you may get SSI. What about SNAP and SSI together? Would it be possible to get it while you receive the other one? Because with the increasing cost of living you cannot make ends meet with your economic or financial situation.

Luckily, for those who really need it, it is possible to get both of them. So you can get SNAP and SSI at the same time since they are complementary and compatible. But what about the requirements you need to meet in order to get SNAP?  There are three different tests you need to take. The first one is the Gross monthly income test. The poverty line number should be at 130% or below if you are a three-member family.

What about the net income to get SNAP?

Once more the poverty line is taken into account to see if you qualify for SNAP. You must be below the poverty line or at it. Of course, the net income and gross monthly income will vary depending on the number of people a family has. A further test you will need to comply with is the assets test. Just like the previous ones, assets must be below some specific limits.

Thus, for households that do not have a member at the age of 60 or even older, or a member who has a disability, their assets must fall below $2,250 or be that exact amount. If you live with a member who has a disability or is 60 years old or older your assets can be higher. The amount will be up to $3,500 or less. Bear in mind that SNAP takes into account any Social Security Unemployment Insurance, child support, cash assistance, any earned income etc.

As for assets, the money you have got in your bank accounts matters. Because with that money, you could buy food for instance. Retirement savings, your house or property do not count as an asset to qualify for SNAP. It will depend on the state whether they can be tougher or not regarding assets. Most cars are not counted either. People who are on strike, or who do not have documented immigration status cannot be eligible for SNAP among other people.

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