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JLBN – Setup Blog WordPress on WAMP

Posted by BN August - 30 - 2008 17 Comments

In this Install & Setup Blog Guide for WAMP users, we will show you how to install and setup WordPress with version 2.3.2 is used in this tutor guide.

Note: Even this guide is used for Wampserver, you can apply this method on other wamp package such as Xampp, EasyPHP, so on. Just make sure to select correct file(s) in proper location(s) ;)

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17 Responses so far.

  1. sb158 says:

    Another good one, thanks

  2. marc_belgium says:


    I’v installed wordpress and made the vhost modification, problem is on the local pc i can see the starter screen http://localhost/wordpress but from my other pc in my network i get page not found, however all the other v-site like phpBB3 i can acces.

    Anybody any idea’s to why only this one don’t work??



  3. Dan says:

    I’ve installed wordpress according to your cool tutorial , but I can only see the first page http://localhost/wordpress
    When I try to go to other of my new posts in older pages : Not Found
    The requested URL /wordpress/xxxxx/ was not found on this server.

    Anybody any ideas, please?

    • JL says:

      since you set it up on url “localhost” so the url should be localhost/wordpress/xxxxx/, not just /wordpress/xxxxx/

  4. Adam Cunningham says:

    Any chance of instructions about setting up WordPressMU on wampserver?

    Normally, to move a standard WordPress site from local to live, I have to change 2 entries in the options table, and it works fine.

    I normally setup WordPress with virtual hosting, in
    but I can’t get MU to work at all locally.

  5. Sri says:


    nice tutorial but having a slight problem. I created a photo-blog using wordpress. Locally I have added all the photos and with http://localhost/site1 (directory: c:/wamp/www/site1) I can browse all the photos and links. But when I am trying to browse through http://site1 locally it only shows the home page and all other links are pointing to localhost and not to site1. Example: I open the site as http://site1 and then click on “about” link which points to http://localhost/about. How can I get this resolved???

    Also, when I try to open the site from another machine using web IP. It hits wamp server and my site1 but nothing works – css, photos, links all are broken.

  6. Sri says:

    Thanks for the response.
    Would it be easy to change that? I would appreciate if you can point me where (in which settings) I need to change in WordPress.

    • BN says:

      Sri, it’s simpler to reinstall WordPress instead trying to make a change, but make sure to setup VH first

  7. Sri says:

    I can’t reinstall wordpress now. I have added so many pictures and created pages. If I reinstall it would be very difficult to get all those working again. But what I did instead is, I changed the general settings in wordpress for site address and wordpress address to http://site1. On my machine I am able to access the site as http://site1 but from another machine on the same network I can’t access the site at all. Showing “Page cannot be displayed”.

  8. Kunal says:


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